New site October 2020

Hey y’all! Welcome back to ! I decided to revamp my website and create a fresh new look. I am especially excited to say that I built this site MYSELF ! 🙂 With all the extra time during quarantine I figured I could make it work if I took the time to learn.

Some acting world updates! Its obviously been a hard year with all productions coming to a halt mid-March. I had some really good momentum at the beginning of the year. Three Series regular auditions and one recurring role that I got very close to booking. (Producers) but ALAS! 2020 has taught me alot about resilience and reminded me why I act. It kinda forced me to center myself on whats important and how art can make a difference.

So cheers to the last three months of the year! Auditions are picking back up and we have a big election here in the states! (whew)

Peace and love to you all! ❤ – Aleeah

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